Passenger Administration – Gov’t Travel Site Can Tells You if You’re on the NO-FLY List… Are You?

Ever since the terrorists did their damage and the government lashed back, us travelers have been subjected to the strangest and most insulting rules ever imaginable. We take our shoes off, put our toothpaste in Ziploc bags, and throw to the trash our lighters, disposable razors and assorted sorts of oversized bottles of lube.

What does it all mean and what the hell is the point? It’s insulting, really, and it would sure be great if there was some way to know if your name appears among the hundreds of thousands on the terrorist watch list. Now there is, and with this Fed Sponsored site, it seems you can finally petition to get wrongly listed names removed once and for all by just completing a quick questionnaire.

Use this site to find out if your name appears on the No-Fly terrorist watch-list, and if it does, get your name removed from the list at