- Searchable Database of every HIV Positive patient in the country

As a guy who reads a hundred sites a day and reports on one a week, I like to think I’ve seen it all. Maybe I manage to succeed in avoiding the Cleveland-Peanut Steamer brigade, but even my own sensibilities have limits, and this site is the one that pushed me over the top this week.

It’s not that it’s funny “ha ha” nor funny “hmmm”, but that it’s offensive, illegal if even remotely real, and the hugest invasion of constitutionally guaranteed personal privacy either way.

I mean really, where do people come up with these things? is either an unbelievably expensive and completely illegal reality, or a hoax so overdeveloped that I can only scratch my nuts, head or head n’ nuts in wonder as to why the people behind it would build it out.

If you want to fully share in my disbelief, sign up for a trial account (they say “limited time only, but that’s never true) and take a look at their results. I know from searching there were at least three names on their I recognized, and “the infected” listed didn’t exactly come as a surprise, so I’m terrified to think these guys really have the equation figured out.

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