is trying to shut down NASCAR for good, and you can help


There are a lot of movements in the world, but the only one I care about is my own. At least, that was the case until now. One group has a real movement of their own, and they’re trying to make the biggest difference of all. They’re trying to make NASCAR illegal.

Ban NASCAR Now has a collection of unbelievable stats about pollution, waste and environmental destruction. Their hearts may be in the right place, even if it seems their heads are up their asses. You can read persuasive articles, sign the online petition, or just pop in to see these guys before the hillbillies get a hold of them.

Seriously, you mess with NASCAR, I don’t care how good your reasons are, you’re getting in to a pissing match with beer drinkers, and they have the bladder and the pressure to beat you for distance, if they don’t just rev up the pickup and run you down on your Earth Day parade.

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