– The bonkers blog of a Britney Spears obsessed teen prostitute


Some celebrities embrace their status as role models, while others pretend it isn’t the case. Britney Spears (and the whole Spears clan for that matter) have made millions by setting the world’s worst possible examples for our youth. One such youngster has taken Britney’s example and run with it a little too far.

I’m not sure what her name is, but if I’m reading it right, this blog site is written by a young teenage runaway living in Los Angeles. I can’t tell if she’s a “professional girl”, or if she just has no values of any kind, but either way she’s a give-it-up girl who will ruin your life… and she loves Britney Spears.

In between the insane ramblings and stories of vengeance against her ex (who it says is married and at least ten years older than her), readers are treated to song lyrics and stories about Britney Spears. Truly a wackjob not to be missed.

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