Child Trader - Not that you don’t love little Jimmy, just that someone else might love him more…

Child Trader

Children aren’t just our past and present, they are our very future. If you doubt it, just take a look at those creepy mini-munchkins as they trod the house wearing your shoes. It doesn’t mean that you have to like them.

If you have kids, and they’re “good” kids, but you still don’t enjoy the full attachment to them you think you should have, it may be because you have the wrong kids. You shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed by your accidental or ungrateful offspring, they may be just the thing somebody else is looking for. Thanks to this new web site (which may be fake, we haven’t dug deep enough yet) you can trade off your slightly-used children to other parents in similar situations. If you have too many sons or daughters, or a child too brainy or athletic, you can pay a nominal fee to swap him or her out for one that better fits you.

Critics are already up in arms about it, but it’s not like you’re breaking up a family as much as it is that you’re creating a new, better, stronger family with a child you can actually love for real. None of that nonsense “pretending to love” business, but the real deal. Your child can join with a family that really appreciates him or her, and you can have a kid better suited to your needs.

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