Compacted Dignity, A Cremation Alternative

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Finally, a Tasteful and Creative Alternative to Cremation
Welcome to Compacted Dignity, the markets best alternative for departed loved ones, who can not be cremated.

If your loved one was Catholic, or one of a great number of other strict religions that prohibit cremation, you are undoubtedly faced with a number of difficult decisions in the realm of good planning and putting to rest the remains of the departed.

An unfortunate reality of this difficult time is the substantial expense associated with ones passing which can include the cost of a casket, burial plot, funeral services, not to mention the upkeep. For most people, it would be ideal and the most considerate option for you, if you could cremate the individual, but as a people of faith, no matter how silly your religion might seem to others, you simply can’t incinerate your beloved.

Passing away is now a bit more practical and considerate to relatives. By the good grace of God, technology has finally caught up with market demand and today, you have a new, improved, attractive and cost effective option that is proving to be a popular and more practical option than either burial or cremation.

That option is Compacting.

It is now possible, with the help of our patented compaction, treatment and preservation process as well as our custom built 400 ton, two stage, four column hydraulic press to reduce the compress the physical remains of the deceased to a compact, solid shape of your choosing, which accompanied by a custom pedestal makes a wonderful mantle piece for daily remembrance.

Passing away is now more environmentally responsible and eco-friendly.
An awful and gruesome secret of cemeteries and those who run them is the terrible impact that they have on the environment… namely the effect of decaying bodies and their impact on groundwater and how that matter and resulting chemicals find their way into your own faucets and household drinking water. With a compacted solution, there is no such problem. A compacted body already devoid of moisture and treated with preservatives and does not decay and decompose as a normal body would. Furthermore, no burial is required for the deceased and after being compressed into one of your lovely monuments for the mantle, your loved one can be taken home with you and placed anywhere you wish, leaving no traceable footprint on the environment.

Passing away now makes better financial sense for everyone.
Fortunately for us all, technology has finally caught up with market demand for a cheaper and more financially reasonable funeral and memorial solution. Of course, if we were all super wealthy and could just pull out our checkbooks to cover the obscene costs associated with ones untimely death, we would. But most of us can’t. Many of us just don’t want to. Today, we are proud to offer you an attractive and cost effective option that is much more practical in every way than burial or cremation or other similar rituals. The compacting and treatment process is low cost and much like any other item such a as a vase or souvenir thats simply bought and placed on a shelf, our process produces a monument that requires no future upkeep or maintenance cost or fees.

We so confident in the quality of our product that we also guarantee it with a 3 year warranty against cracking, fading and decay.

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