French Mercenaries, Surrender well and everyone wins!


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Well, it’s finally happened.

You’ve silenced the media, plundered the treasury, killed all your political opponents, jailed all the dissidents, privatized most of the States best property into the names of your relatives and the gruesome work of your secret police is winding down as you find yourself with no one left to kidnap, torture and kill. As is usually the case for those brave, visionary and iconic rulers such as yourself, simply trying to bring peace, stability and democracy to the nation you love, forever pledging to free your people from tyranny, you are now being wrongly accused of genocide by the typical meddlers in the West.

It was a good run.

omar_bashir.jpgNow, after years of emphatic denial of the facts, driven by your own psychosis, narcissism and megalomania, you are finally confronted with the inevitable as rebel forces move closer to the capital, shouting anti government slogans, burning effigies of you and your family and killing anyone found to be associated with you and your regime. You are out of time. But thanks to your French associates, you are not out of friends. You know you are facing overwhelming opposition and a losing fight but with our help, you can avoid the fight completely with an effective surrender solution from French Mercenaries LTD.

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