JaredRemembered.com Memorializes the Passing of Beloved Subway Guy Jared S. Fogel


If you’ve ever snacked down a tasty sub from Subway, you’ll never forget our fallen brother Jared Fogle. Fat guy turned skinny guy turned motivational speaker turned dead guy, Jared was more than just a spokesman, he was a guy who lost weight without ever really trying.

Considering Jared already lost more than half of his body weight, it should come as no surprise that he’s now lost the rest of it. Jared S. Fogle, sandwich salesman extraordinaire, is dead.

Read poems, stories and eulogies, or join in the fun by submitting your own. Just like 7-grams of fat or less, it’s what Jared would have wanted. He is survived by his parents, friends, and a 12” meatball sub.

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