Jihad? or Not? Which Celebrity Would You Slaughter?


This website does not in any way endorse the kidnapping and beheading of “infidels”. Further, the creators of this site hold very dear to them, everyone’s Constitutional right to religious freedom and expression and respect everyone’s religious beliefs, whatever they may be. As such, we feel we are not in a position to judge, criticize or deter anyone when fulfilling their obligatory religious duties, which might include, from time to time, the occasional Fatwa, Jihad or slaughtering of infidels.

We would like to note that site is also not encouraging anyone (or group of people) of any particular race, creed or religion (*wink wink*) to go out and kidnap and behead people, nor are we critisizing the practice. However, if you are committed to that path, our hope is that at a minimum, we can assist you in making an educated choice in your slaughter. This means guiding you in choosing a target person, where instead of ending up with an aid worker, teacher or truck driver which may harm your cause in the international court of opinion, you are targeting one or more of our many annoying celebrities. Choose the right infidel and even hardened critics are likely to look at the gruesome Al Jazeera video and quietly admit to themselves “well…ok… yeah, I kinda get that one”

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