- The Arizona Camp Where Parents Send their Summer Camping Kids with Attention Deficit Disorders


If you’ve ever had a child, you know there are those days when your precious little angel is simply more than you can handle. Well imagine a kiddy boot camp that feels your pain even better than you do. Imagine a place out in the desert where your rebellious youngster can get the cracking whip to make them march back in step, but not just because they’re defiant. Defiance and independence are easy character traits to steal from your child, but if your special little snowflake suffers at the horrific hands of the underappreciated maladies of such terrors as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), you can rest a bit easier than your pocket book in the comfortable knowledge that there is finally a place where your youngster can express unbridled rage without fear of judgment, thanks to this special camp designed exactly for them.

This place is pretty offensive in name, since they primarily handle kids with “concentration” problems, but only because it’s also a “camp” and they wanted to keep both “concentration” and “camp” in the title… so this retreat, which still has never had an unresolved federal complaint, is I guess technically a Concentration Camp. The camp furors are benevolent, and they will accept gold fillings for your youngster, so all hope is not lost, but it’s pretty close. If you’ve got a child with horrible behavior problems, remember that no luxury is too great and no punishment is quite sufficient, and make the call. Ship them off within 14-days of this article and we’ll get a 2% affiliate referrer bonus, so thanks for reading.

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