Site Offers an Abortion Pill Called the LifeSaver™, Which Dudes Can Slip to Their Unsuspecting Ladies

LifeSaver, the insulting counter-option to abortion… forcing your girl to have an aboriton without her permission
We really go out of our way to find the newest, most insulting sites on the web, but this one has got to be right up there. C_HANATEC_15 It’s apparently a product that acts exactly like the RU486 abortion pill (the one that makes women excrete their unborn children) except that you can buy it without a prescription, and it gets worse.

You can also buy it without a vagina, so they’re basically selling it to dudes. They have all kinds of instructions about how you can slip it in your girlfriend’s drink, hide it in her food, or even rub it into her skin.

So basically you can buy it, give it to her, and the baby is gone. C2010-530 They’ve got all kinds of justifications like gender inequality and equal rights, but it’s a horrible, horrible thing, and I don’t know what kind of sick bastard would come up with this, even as a joke.

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