Fake a Piss Test? No Biggy, Peesurance.com Will Sell You Pregnant Heroine Pee If That’s What You Want

Peesurance.com - America’s Leading Supplier of Assorted-Status Urine

Every now and again we find a site that’s wrong on so many levels it’s hard to explain, but it’s pretty rare that we find one even more wrong that that, and Peesurance.com is just that sort of head-scratching curiosity.

It’s one thing to sell urine that can get you past a drug test, but these guys have a whole farm system and they take all goers, it seems. 1Z0-883 If you’re a straight-laced young dude with a family stranger than you and money to throw down to throw them for a loop, here’s you big chance, because you can bust that family intervention next month to pieces when you give your golden sample that proves you ARE on drugs (and you can pick which ones) and you can even make it look like you’re a pregnant bitch.

70-494 This is seriously messed up, but if you want to buy clean, dirty or pregnant pee (as the site says, it’s “for entertainment purposes only,” but yeah, that’s REAL entertaining ya weirdos) there’s a place where you do it online.

Check out the site online at www.Peesurance.com.