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If you’re looking for exotic cuts of the most delectable meats this world has to offer, forget about such gamey game as rabbit, elk or panda cub. There’s another red meat that isn’t so strange or exotic, but still has the full flavor you expect from red meat, without all the hormones and steroids your doctor has already told you to avoid.

Consider that man’s best dish may be nothing worse than man’s best friend. If you’re looking for a unique treat for a special occasion, you don’t need to nibble on fillet o’ gator or testicles of ocelot, all you need to do is look as far as your own front yard and let your salivary glands lead you from there.

We’re certainly not advocating that you kill your household dog (or pig, or goat, or sheep), but we’re saying that protein is protein, and some of the least meaty creatures have some of the most covetable meats. Chicken is well and good, but a fine Cornish game hen is better, even though it’s often only a few ounces with the bones, gizzards and stupidly fraudulent amounts of ice they pack in there pretending it’s about food safety.

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