Strangest Choice in Exotic Meats; Offers Premium Cuts of Filthy Rodents sells a variety of rodent based meat products

Forget alligator and snake, the new savory taste in exotic meats is as red as venison, if a bit smaller in stature. COBIT 5 If you’re looking for a little something unique on your BBQ, it hardly gets smaller than a rat. They don’t sell rat veal yet, so no baby rats, which has to count for something.

This is as real as a questionable site can get. It’s got all the login pages, contact information, tons of pictures that sickeningly do not look Photoshopped. NS0-157 I hope it isn’t fake, but even if they are on the up-and-up, you won’t find me buying from them any time soon.

“Since 1906 our original company has merchant the finest quality Rat Meats for local and world markets as leading company but also for mail order as from 2002 official export license permission…” yikes.

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