Tron Guy of Jimmy Kimmel Fame Wants a Formidable Opponent… also Sidekick, Secret Lair and Girlfriend

Fat Guy in Little Coat!

I remember seeing this guy years ago and thinking he was just a flash in the pan. 600-455 That flash of brilliant flame has grown into a full-on grease fire, and he isn’t just back with a vengeance, it seems somehow that Tron Guy never left.

Since his days as a second-rate fill-in yuckster on Kimmel, he’s become rich enough to buy a brand new, custom (Tron-theme) painted airplane, but he’s apparently decided to strike out on his own as the world’s first true-to-life Batman-style vigilante. 1Z0-064 The site reads pretty straightforward, and unless I missed something, it’s really him.

I’d normally say, “talk about disturbing” at this point, but I’m too busy trying to keep my lunch down while looking at the pictures of him in his one-piece manotard… that’s what you call a unisexual retard in a man-shaped single-piece suit, isn’t it?

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