If You Are Sure There Is No Hell, Don’t Pray to Heaven; Sell Your Kid’s Soul Instead

Apparently there was some big to-do a year or two ago when an atheist, out trying to drum up hype for his new movie, asked people on YouTube to make videos basically giving up their souls. This blowback is pretty intense in that they don’t just want you to damn yourself, they want you to pledge your soul… also your kids’ souls… and your grandkids’ souls.

Harsh, man, seriously. SY0-501They quote all kinds of scripture and say they don’t actually want your soul, but that when it really comes down to it, even a supposed atheist will admit that there really is a god, and that offering such things is no matter anyone would get involved with.

I think they’ve underestimated the heathens of our world, but we’re willing to drop them a link to help them find out for sure. 70-776 Click here to visit www.FirstBornSoul.com.