If You Think Crabs Are Bad Revenge, Just Wait Until You See the STD Store

STD Store Sells STDs VDs and Worse

We wrote up a piece a few months back about a site that actually sells crabs specifically so you can get back at your ex, and we thought that was so terrifically horrible it deserved a certified Insulting write-up, but we had no idea how far some will go to ruin the lives of others.

The STD Store doesn’t just sell lesser curable nuisances, they’re willing to do the whole damn deal, complete with herpes, hepatitis and HIV… and how can they sell these terrors at such low prices? It isn’t volume, its offshore operation. 500-210 The internet keeps shrinking the world, and now your enemy’s genitals can enjoy the same downgrade.

And as far as unreal sites go, this one is just a bit too convincing for my taste. 010-151 The shopping cart actually works, and short of putting in my real credit card (no way in hell!) there’s nothing I could find that says these guys aren’t legit, and that’s a terrifying idea for our world, our children’s world, and the poor previously undestroyed kid-junk or our children as well.

Click here to visit the STD Store at www.porn.net/corporate/std_store/.