– If you really think it’s time to end illegal dog fighting, these guys will help you get it done


Some have said this is the most noble site we’ve ever listed on here, but we say it’s the only noble site. The site was sent to us by a reader disgusted by the fact we link to, even though it may be considered an illegal operation (or at least cruel and insulting, which is why we liked it in the first place.)

Truth is they’re probably good people trying to do a good thing, but they have no traffic, no Google PageRank, no Alexa ranking, and almost nobody links to them. So as passionate and concerned as they are, they don’t see a fraction of the readership of the site they’re trying to take down. Tell me dog fighting is wrong if you like, but the free market has spoken, and these guys are going nowhere and slowly at that.

Click here to visit them online at