Company Had Problems with Racism/Sexism in the Workplace? Has All the Training Your Staff Could Ever Ignore

Grow some cultural understanding of how the darkies are actually people

I’ve worked what has felt like an eternity heaving the oars in the belly of the corporate ship, so I’ve seen more than my fair share of experts come and go trying to teach us things about racial equality, and what not. None of it means anything, of course, but big companies have to put on the appearance of at least trying. You hire some experts, they do their jobs, they leave, and you’re absolved from wrong-doing, essentially.

But imagine if you went with the lowest bidder instead, and you hired a company that seems to have almost no idea what they’re doing… that’s Sensitive You in a nut sack. I can’t tell if they’re real or a scam, but their rates are high, their Visa/MC page seems to work, and they have got to be putting out the very worst advice your employees could ever dream to take to heart.

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