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tommy_lee_hepatitis.jpgIf you are anything like me, you hate the fact that we live in a culture of witless morons that can tell you what color panties Britney Spears was wearing each day of the week than they can about who is running for President of the nation.

We celebrate completely worthless human beings like Lindsay Lohan without even being sure why. We monitor the every move of a walking intellectual black hole like Paris Hilton and even though we realize directly afterward that we are dumber for it, we don’t stop ourselves. Why? What did she do that deserves our attention? She inherited some money, parties a lot and filmed herself blowing a guy? Really? That’s it?

The kids of this nation are growing up with more and more role models who offer nothing but painfully stupid quotes, nipple slips, beaver shots, crappy movies and unbelievably shitty music.

Where are the Al Pacino’s and the Jack Nicholson’s of this generation? Why is Dancing with the Stars (aka “D list celebs try to earn a paycheck”) one of the top rated shows on TV? How is it that you can fail in your career and get on a top rated tv show… then get your own show? Didn’t we used to have standards?

It’s time to stop fabricating celebrities. It’s time to start tearing them down. I can’t look my grandchildren in the eye and say sorry… bankrupt social security, global warming and Lindsay lohan is all we really did to leave to your generation.

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