Herbal Remedy Uniquely Formulated Specifically to Make Women Not Dumb… If That’s Possible

I don’t personally buy in to all the hype about herbal remedies. Vitamins are well and good, but as soon as some snake oil salesman starts telling me I can grow a bigger man-dong or more hair, or that my lady can magically sprout bigger girly nubs at the age of 30, my scam-dar starts beeping at full volume.

I can’t imagine this is real, but it sure reads like every other miracle product I’ve seen. This company promises an all-natural herbal supplement that can make a woman actually cease to be dumb… No more being lied to by mechanics or expecting flowers on random calendar dates; this formula can cure all that and give her a sense of humor, if you take enough of them. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably means there’s just no cure for girls being a tad behind the times.

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