Looking for a Motivational Speaker with a Screw Loose? Graham Wellington Covers All Your Corporate Needs… Kind Of

Internationally Recognized Motivational Speaker

I’ve been to all the top motivational speakers. I’ve seen Tony Robins, Brian Buffini, Joe Stumpf, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Phil McGraw and even Deepak Chopra, but none can hold a match to Graham Wellington. With his personal blend of Dr. Drew Pinksy good looks and Earl Browder common sense, this guy has more wisdom to espouse than anyone could ever understand without losing their jobs, their fortunes, and likely their minds.

I’m sure there are some good ideas in there, but the ones that strike us as crazy, inept or outright terrible seem to outweigh the mix so badly, there’s not a whole lot we can say except “Avoid This Guy at ALL Costs!”

Then again, if you’ve tried all the other motivational speakers, and you’re still hungry for more, maybe you’re just the sort of lunatic he’s looking for.

Check out the site online at www.GrahamWellington.com, but don’t try to say we didn’t warn you.