Doggy Condoms – Site Claims Only Humane Spay Alternative is to Jimmy-Up Rover’s Puppy Junk


I’ve bought Buddy Christ action figures and still daily water my well aging pet rock, but of all the products allegedly for sale on the market, this one is the strangest by a barefoot mile, and that’s quite a distance.

This company not only says what the sell, but sells what they say. You can buy a condom for your dog so he can keep his big-dog bits in play when he slums with neighborly mutts of lesser pedigree. If you’re unwilling to let him even go that far, they have humpable legs for sale and they insist that soon you’ll even have the choice of flavored condoms for that extra special something; in beef, poultry and liver… uncool man, seriously uncool.

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You’ve seen all sorts of the government wasting your tax money in ways that are insulting, but I don’t think you’ve seen some of these. They funded a study to determine if brand new, never before used furniture burns differently in a volcano than priceless antique furniture. Don’t try to imagine what they paid, it’s posted publicly on the site.

And the worst thing isn’t that they show you all the boshat ways they’ve wasted your money, but they promise to help you become the next thief in line to take a dip from the public coffer. Apparently this service was created by an act of congress to increase competition.

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If you’re looking for exotic cuts of the most delectable meats this world has to offer, forget about such gamey game as rabbit, elk or panda cub. There’s another red meat that isn’t so strange or exotic, but still has the full flavor you expect from red meat, without all the hormones and steroids your doctor has already told you to avoid.

Consider that man’s best dish may be nothing worse than man’s best friend. If you’re looking for a unique treat for a special occasion, you don’t need to nibble on fillet o’ gator or testicles of ocelot, all you need to do is look as far as your own front yard and let your salivary glands lead you from there.

We’re certainly not advocating that you kill your household dog (or pig, or goat, or sheep), but we’re saying that protein is protein, and some of the least meaty creatures have some of the most covetable meats. Chicken is well and good, but a fine Cornish game hen is better, even though it’s often only a few ounces with the bones, gizzards and stupidly fraudulent amounts of ice they pack in there pretending it’s about food safety.

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There are a lot of movements in the world, but the only one I care about is my own. At least, that was the case until now. One group has a real movement of their own, and they’re trying to make the biggest difference of all. They’re trying to make NASCAR illegal.

Ban NASCAR Now has a collection of unbelievable stats about pollution, waste and environmental destruction. Their hearts may be in the right place, even if it seems their heads are up their asses. You can read persuasive articles, sign the online petition, or just pop in to see these guys before the hillbillies get a hold of them.

Seriously, you mess with NASCAR, I don’t care how good your reasons are, you’re getting in to a pissing match with beer drinkers, and they have the bladder and the pressure to beat you for distance, if they don’t just rev up the pickup and run you down on your Earth Day parade.

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Some have said this is the most noble site we’ve ever listed on here, but we say it’s the only noble site. The site was sent to us by a reader disgusted by the fact we link to, even though it may be considered an illegal operation (or at least cruel and insulting, which is why we liked it in the first place.)

Truth is they’re probably good people trying to do a good thing, but they have no traffic, no Google PageRank, no Alexa ranking, and almost nobody links to them. So as passionate and concerned as they are, they don’t see a fraction of the readership of the site they’re trying to take down. Tell me dog fighting is wrong if you like, but the free market has spoken, and these guys are going nowhere and slowly at that.

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If you’ve ever snacked down a tasty sub from Subway, you’ll never forget our fallen brother Jared Fogle. Fat guy turned skinny guy turned motivational speaker turned dead guy, Jared was more than just a spokesman, he was a guy who lost weight without ever really trying.

Considering Jared already lost more than half of his body weight, it should come as no surprise that he’s now lost the rest of it. Jared S. Fogle, sandwich salesman extraordinaire, is dead.

Read poems, stories and eulogies, or join in the fun by submitting your own. Just like 7-grams of fat or less, it’s what Jared would have wanted. He is survived by his parents, friends, and a 12” meatball sub.

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Child Trader - Not that you don’t love little Jimmy, just that someone else might love him more…

Child Trader

Children aren’t just our past and present, they are our very future. If you doubt it, just take a look at those creepy mini-munchkins as they trod the house wearing your shoes. It doesn’t mean that you have to like them.

If you have kids, and they’re “good” kids, but you still don’t enjoy the full attachment to them you think you should have, it may be because you have the wrong kids. You shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed by your accidental or ungrateful offspring, they may be just the thing somebody else is looking for. Thanks to this new web site (which may be fake, we haven’t dug deep enough yet) you can trade off your slightly-used children to other parents in similar situations. If you have too many sons or daughters, or a child too brainy or athletic, you can pay a nominal fee to swap him or her out for one that better fits you.

Critics are already up in arms about it, but it’s not like you’re breaking up a family as much as it is that you’re creating a new, better, stronger family with a child you can actually love for real. None of that nonsense “pretending to love” business, but the real deal. Your child can join with a family that really appreciates him or her, and you can have a kid better suited to your needs.

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As a guy who reads a hundred sites a day and reports on one a week, I like to think I’ve seen it all. Maybe I manage to succeed in avoiding the Cleveland-Peanut Steamer brigade, but even my own sensibilities have limits, and this site is the one that pushed me over the top this week.

It’s not that it’s funny “ha ha” nor funny “hmmm”, but that it’s offensive, illegal if even remotely real, and the hugest invasion of constitutionally guaranteed personal privacy either way.

I mean really, where do people come up with these things? is either an unbelievably expensive and completely illegal reality, or a hoax so overdeveloped that I can only scratch my nuts, head or head n’ nuts in wonder as to why the people behind it would build it out.

If you want to fully share in my disbelief, sign up for a trial account (they say “limited time only, but that’s never true) and take a look at their results. I know from searching there were at least three names on their I recognized, and “the infected” listed didn’t exactly come as a surprise, so I’m terrified to think these guys really have the equation figured out.

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If you’ve ever had a child, you know there are those days when your precious little angel is simply more than you can handle. Well imagine a kiddy boot camp that feels your pain even better than you do. Imagine a place out in the desert where your rebellious youngster can get the cracking whip to make them march back in step, but not just because they’re defiant. Defiance and independence are easy character traits to steal from your child, but if your special little snowflake suffers at the horrific hands of the underappreciated maladies of such terrors as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), you can rest a bit easier than your pocket book in the comfortable knowledge that there is finally a place where your youngster can express unbridled rage without fear of judgment, thanks to this special camp designed exactly for them.

This place is pretty offensive in name, since they primarily handle kids with “concentration” problems, but only because it’s also a “camp” and they wanted to keep both “concentration” and “camp” in the title… so this retreat, which still has never had an unresolved federal complaint, is I guess technically a Concentration Camp. The camp furors are benevolent, and they will accept gold fillings for your youngster, so all hope is not lost, but it’s pretty close. If you’ve got a child with horrible behavior problems, remember that no luxury is too great and no punishment is quite sufficient, and make the call. Ship them off within 14-days of this article and we’ll get a 2% affiliate referrer bonus, so thanks for reading.

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If you enjoy exotic game meat, there’s one that’s more tender and succulent than all the rest: kitten. Raised in humane ways, butchered using the latest standards, and shipped in dry-ice, there is no red meat that cuts easier with a butter knife.

Browse from a tasty selection of prime cuts, sausage, salami, jerky, stock or gravy, and rest assured your meal is going to be the most delicious feline you’ve ever tasted. Some have suggested this site is a joke, but the pictures on there are obviously real, and we don’t find much funny about it.

Duck is pretty unusual, but the numbers don’t lie, more people around the world prefer the rich flavor of Sylvester to Daffy, especially in today’s global market where supplies are virtually unlimited.

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