Girls To Hit – A Whole League Dedicated to Letting You Punch a Woman in the Face
Take all that rage you’ve been building up against your girlfriend, wife, mother or random lady stranger on the bus, and imagine for a second that there’s now a safe, legal, sanctioned place where you can let fly with those fists of fury. Now stop imagining because it’s real, and it’s going live in just a few months, and it’s a whole fighting league dedicated to nothing shy of you being able to bash a woman in the face until she is bloody and unconscious.

I’m not sure if this company is ever getting off the ground or if it will be shut down by the long arm of the law before it hosts its first event, but if you see a lady you like you can reserve her as your own personal punching bag now and do so without even putting down a deposit. I guess that means that you can have the best of both worlds. You can keep your cash in your hands and still lock down a ten-minute bout of brutality with a girl half your size. Did I mention you get to wear open-hand gloves like in ultimate fighting, and that they aren’t allowed to win?

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