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Is this legal?
We get that question a lot. Dog fighting, per se, is not legal, and should not be done under any circumstance. What we do is different in that we don’t call it “dog fighting”. Just like Japanese whaling vessels operate under a “research” license, we operate under various umbrellas of protection, such as religious expression, research, public service, awareness and assorted tribal rights, depending on your state.

How much money can I make?
Some events bring in as much as $10,000 to $20,000 in a single night, with upfront risk and expense as low as $5,000, so you’re almost assured to hit it very big with huge success right off the bat.

How quick can I make big, big money?
It all depends how soon you sign up for our patent pending program! We have many unique, exclusive tools, forms, tutorials and other startup guidelines in place to help make your transition from the poor-house to the dog-house (or your basement!) as smooth as Pam-sprayed satin. To be direct, we’ll just say you can hit it big in a month, for argument’s sake.

Is it true that I can use my own pet?
Yes, you technically can, though it’s not at always the best idea. While Fido or Rover may make for a fantastic prizefighter, it can be tricky to explain the eye gashes or cadaver status that invariably follows within a round, two or three. If it’s your child’s pet, it may be better to employ our trademarked system for raiding animal shelters to get your first round of contestants.

Where can I learn all about Canine Combat?
There is an official FAQ at SITE LEAGE PAGE where you can learn all about the sport for people wanting to start their own league, or for fans and coaches as well

Why should I use Puppy Profits instead of joining the division directly?
You can join the league directly, if you want to be a huge failure. Joining directly costs too much, and you’ll miss out on our series of members-only ebooks, videos and tutorials, not to mention our weekly conference calls, podcasts and one-to-one coaching you can’t find through the league.

Can I host cat fights instead?
Absolutely not! That is cruel, inhumane, and exactly the sort of thing that our officials go out of their way to prevent. If any franchisee is found to be hosting cat fights, they will immediately be penalized $200 and disallowed from hosting a sanctioned fight within seven-days.

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