Abortion Tracker – If ever you wanted to find out who has had the abortions, now there’s a site that tracks them all


This site can literally track every woman who has had an abortion performed dating back to at least the 60s or 70s. These guys “say” they don’t break any laws, but they also say that it doesn’t matter if they do. We actually managed to find a backend login from the web (doesn’t work now, apparently they caught the conflicting IPs), but what they say is really real, and it’s disturbing as hell.

I don’t know how it is that these guys are still online, or how it’s even remotely legal, but it’s been a few weeks since my login was cutoff, and these guys appear to be going as strong as ever, which is more than weird, it’s straight-up offensive. When I had access to the database, I was using it as a guide for dating, because these girls are obviously good to go, but I guess that’s just me.

Click here to visit www.abortiontracker.com.