Worried About Illegal Immigrants? Put Your Fears to Bed; Spay or Neuter Your Mexicans Today and Forget the Fuss

Neuter Your Mexican and Save Your Country at www.NetuerMexicans.com

It may not sound like your thing, but it makes perfect sense if you think about it. We’re not really worried about Mexicans taking our sub-minimum wage jobs or even living in our neighborhoods, what we fear is that they’ll overrun this great land of ours, and plainly we can’t let that happen, so what’s the solution?

Spay or Neuter your Mexican! Now you can let as many of them come to the states and pay our taxes as long as they like, so long as we can all rest assured they’ll die out in a single generation. Thanks to mandatory spaying and neutering, even your gardener can contribute to society without any fear his children will rise to power and overthrow you.

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